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Udhiya / Qurbani 2023

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Our Journey to Excellence

Udhiya/Qurbani 2023

Animal Breed : Black Prime Angus

Age : 2+ years


Dominate the dinner table with our tenderized Black Prime Angus cut. Fill in the application, submit payment, and be on the way to treating your taste buds. Receive real-time updates via text or email about your order. You’ll be notified of the Qurbani process, which covers the following:


Our premium process

Our processing of black prime Angus cuts is refined time and again, creating an exceptionally rich and robust flavor profile. The strict eye for ethical practices, high-quality aging, and clean tenderization techniques we have, is what makes our black Prime Angus a top favorite for many customers.All our cuts comply with a strict Halal process and are HFSAA certified. After placing an order with us, your cut will undergo the following:


  • After Zabidha : the carcass is carefully aged for 3-5 days ensuring efficient tenderization.
  • Once aged, the carcass is professionally processed, vacuum sealed, and delicately divided into 7 shares.
  • The premium processing methods involve the deboning and trimming of fat, reducing the total carcass weight to approximately 35%. This ensures the average weight is 60 lbs per share.
  • All meat is frozen and boxed before customers receive a call, email, or text to notify them that their meat is ready for pickup. This helps us stay consistent with our quality and freshness and complies with our customer service standard.
  • Within 7-10 days, you should expect to receive your meat.


The starting price for meat shares begins at $450 upwards. All of our meat varieties, have the following ratio:

Steaks available

In each share of black prime angus, you will receive the following:



Roasts – Short Ribs, Top Round, Chuck, Cross Rib, Rump, Bottom Round, Brisket, Ground Beef – Ratio (80% to 20%)
Offal – Liver, Heart (If available)


You can choose the shares you would like..

Got questions?


Our custom cut experts are eagerly waiting to answer. Email us at

Udhiya/Qurbani 2023